PUMA Window Display

PUMA Window Display consisting of Shoe Wall and Read Suit for Flagship Store in Chicago, IL. 2009.

PUMA Shoe Wall: 1,400 discarded prototype shoes, painted and cut from 2” to 6” to create a topography.

Detail of Shoe Wall.


Process images: The motivating force behind this project was to use the prototype shoes that otherwise were slated for incineration. PUMA traditionally has a red wall with it’s logo on it in all of their stores. The plan was to take the shoes and somehow activate the red wall. With that goal, four pick up trucks of shoes were dipped in two coats of red latex paint and then band sawed from 2" to 6" in 1/2" intervals. They were packaged and shipped to Chicago for the installation.

Installation Time Lapse: It took two days to hot glue all of the shoes to the wall. We started with the 6” ones around the PUMA logo light box and systematically worked our way out.

Read Suit: Preservation of Ken Read's sailing suit for display purpose. Resin, stainless steel and wood.

Process images: Read was skipper of PUMA’s Racing Team sailing il Mostro in the 2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race. This was the suit he wore for the journey. PUMA wanted to preserve it for display purposes. To do so, a concealed steel armature was made while coating the separate suits parts in 10 coats of industrial marine epoxy. Once assembled, the full suit was displayed on a stainless steel and birch wood platform.

Watch a video about "The Puma Store" in Chicago:

Video courtesy of Puma.


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