Theater and Film

I find both the theater and film world to be really exciting spaces. They are much more of a collaboration than the making of window displays or retail projects as they involve a lot of creative people working together to make it happen. Theater seems to be the ultimate installation in which sets, props, costumes, light, sound and actors all come together to create the magic of a live performance. Film on the other hand is not live and a lot of technical trickery comes in play. It is fast paced environment which requires me to be constantly be thinking on my feet. Both of these realms seem like places where all of my random skills come together.


I stumbled upon these worlds through my admiration of the sets of “The Gold Dust Orphans”, a local theater company. After seeing their shows for nearly ten years I found out that the person behind the sets “Windsor Newton” was a college friend, A.K.A. Matthew Lazure. It was not long before I began helping him build sets for the Gold Dust Orphans and then at the Wheelock Family Theater. It was the building of these sets that led me to search out work in the world of film.