Jewelry Store Window Displays

A store’s windows have the potential to become a business’s greatest marketing tool. A well thought out, exquisitely fabricated and visually stunning window display can create a lasting visceral impact on a passer by and provide a platform to accentuate the personality of any business.


My first window displays were for Michele Mercaldo Jewelry in Boston’s South End. I was approached by Michele, who was in the process of opening her store, to help find a way to use her huge windows to her advantage.


She had two large display windows in front of her store that she wanted to use to showcase her handcrafted jewelry. Her product was small, yet stunning, and she wanted to find a way draw people’s attention to it. I was intrigued and jumped at the opportunity to experiment within her new space.


Each window display became more and more popular until they became a regular conversation piece within the community. I did about four windows a year and based them (mostly) on seasonal themes, each one with a smart artistic twist.


I approach all of my window displays in the same way I do the rest of my projects, as a sculptor. I take great pleasure working in these private/public spaces. Each window has proven to be amazing and unique environment in which to make a visual impact on a community.